Twenty-one year old with the mentality of a fifty year old. Reading is my passion, sarcasm is a second nature, television and movies are a hobby. My dog Cleo, cat Salem, and manchild boyfriend make up my wonderful family.


I had known for awhile that I was overweight. It’s not that I was in denial, I just chose to not do anything about it. About a month ago, I saw this amazing documentary on Netflix. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I have to say, it completely changed my outlook on my diet. After a lot of thinking and discussing with Pablo, we decided that we would give it a shot. We went to the store and purchased a juicer. 

With my Jack Lalanne juicer, I can make any kind of juice. We officially started it five days ago, and in that time…I’ve lost fifteen pounds. 

Now, most people’s instant reaction when the words “juice fast” even come out of my mouth..are to be negative and say “that can’t be healthy!”

Well, it is. It’s not like you’re starving yourself. It’s 60 days of drinking four juices a day and lot and lots of water. I went to my local bookstore and purchased a recipe book to give us ideas on healthy but delicious drinks to make. Best. Idea. Ever. It gives the nutrition content of every fruit, and what each drink combo is good for. Immunity, energy, skin, etc..

I’m not saying that juicing is easy. It take a lot of self control to stay away from burgers, ice cream and everything unhealthy that I am used to eating. But seeing such amazing results so far is motivation enough. And it’s not just about being skinny, but about being healthy. Only five days in and I already feel more energetic. Energy which I’m using to go to the gym everyday. Once the sixty days are over, I will dramatically change my old eating habits and eat nothing but healthy, nutritious food and keep my workout regimen. I’ll keep everyone updated on our progress :)

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