Twenty-one year old with the mentality of a fifty year old. Reading is my passion, sarcasm is a second nature, television and movies are a hobby. My dog Cleo, cat Salem, and manchild boyfriend make up my wonderful family.

Let’s start from the beginning…

Weight loss. It’s not easy to do and takes hard work and dedication. As a child I was always active and healthy. My mother raised me on organic, gluten free food. I was not a chubby kid by any means. Right around the time that I began to experience the “joys” of puberty, I started noticing a change in myself. I started gaining weight and even at the age of 13, I hated looking at myself in the mirror. At 15 my doctor informed me that I had hypoactive thyroidism. From that point on I gained pound after pound. Despite the fact that my mother pushed healthy food at my face, I still ate nothing but junk food and fatty foods at school and when I went out with my friends. Knowing that with my condition, it would be more difficult for me to lose weight…I just gave up. I refused to work out or do anything to lose weight. 

At 21 I reached my heaviest at 235 pounds. 

My boyfriend Pablo, has also suffered with weight problems for a long time, so together we decided to finally make a life change and get healthy.