Twenty-one year old with the mentality of a fifty year old. Reading is my passion, sarcasm is a second nature, television and movies are a hobby. My dog Cleo, cat Salem, and manchild boyfriend make up my wonderful family.

(I wrote this a few days ago when I was bored at work, and I just now remembered to post it)

I didn’t used to believe in soul mates. Until I met mine. The second that I realized that I was in love with this man, a jolt of electricity ran through my body and awakened a part of me that even I didn’t know existed. I know, I know, it all sounds so cliche and cheesy. Two years ago I wanted to punch lovey dovey couples in the face. But I suppose everything changes when you meet that special someone. I had only had one “serious” boyfriend before I met Pablo. Sure, I dated here and there but I just never saw myself in anything serious. I always wondered.."how would I even know I was in love?" Definitely not that “love at first sight” bullshit. I don’t believe in that. Pablo and I had a rough start - his first impression of me was a crazy party girl, and he clearly lost interest. Nevertheless, something drove him to give me a second chance and it all went from there. It happened so fast. Within five months of knowing each other he moved in with me. I realize it seems quick, but it was all circumstantial. Now, almost two years later; we seem to be attached at the hip. We work together, have the same days off..and while most women my age would feel suffocated by this, I don’t. I love every single moment. I cannot imagine my life without this wonderful man. He came along with his goofy crazy self and gave my life meaning. He is the only person that I can be myself around. Just looking at him brings a smile to my face and I thank God for putting him in my life. Between all of our fart jokes, wrestling matches, small arguments here and there - I know that this is true love. Because my heart now feels complete with him by my side.