Twenty-one year old with the mentality of a fifty year old. Reading is my passion, sarcasm is a second nature, television and movies are a hobby. My dog Cleo, cat Salem, and manchild boyfriend make up my wonderful family.

This is what I do when I’m bored. Pink nail polish, dipped a straightened out bobby pin in black nail polish..and ta-da!

Watermelon themed nails..perfect for the soon to come summer season! :) 


I had known for awhile that I was overweight. It’s not that I was in denial, I just chose to not do anything about it. About a month ago, I saw this amazing documentary on Netflix. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I have to say, it completely changed my outlook on my diet. After a lot of thinking and discussing with Pablo, we decided that we would give it a shot. We went to the store and purchased a juicer. 

With my Jack Lalanne juicer, I can make any kind of juice. We officially started it five days ago, and in that time…I’ve lost fifteen pounds. 

Now, most people’s instant reaction when the words “juice fast” even come out of my mouth..are to be negative and say “that can’t be healthy!”

Well, it is. It’s not like you’re starving yourself. It’s 60 days of drinking four juices a day and lot and lots of water. I went to my local bookstore and purchased a recipe book to give us ideas on healthy but delicious drinks to make. Best. Idea. Ever. It gives the nutrition content of every fruit, and what each drink combo is good for. Immunity, energy, skin, etc..

I’m not saying that juicing is easy. It take a lot of self control to stay away from burgers, ice cream and everything unhealthy that I am used to eating. But seeing such amazing results so far is motivation enough. And it’s not just about being skinny, but about being healthy. Only five days in and I already feel more energetic. Energy which I’m using to go to the gym everyday. Once the sixty days are over, I will dramatically change my old eating habits and eat nothing but healthy, nutritious food and keep my workout regimen. I’ll keep everyone updated on our progress :)

I highly recommend this documentary to anyone trying to change their lifestyle. It is VERY inspirational and what gave me motivation to change my eating habits and begin my juice diet.  

I highly recommend this documentary to anyone trying to change their lifestyle. It is VERY inspirational and what gave me motivation to change my eating habits and begin my juice diet.  

Let’s start from the beginning…

Weight loss. It’s not easy to do and takes hard work and dedication. As a child I was always active and healthy. My mother raised me on organic, gluten free food. I was not a chubby kid by any means. Right around the time that I began to experience the “joys” of puberty, I started noticing a change in myself. I started gaining weight and even at the age of 13, I hated looking at myself in the mirror. At 15 my doctor informed me that I had hypoactive thyroidism. From that point on I gained pound after pound. Despite the fact that my mother pushed healthy food at my face, I still ate nothing but junk food and fatty foods at school and when I went out with my friends. Knowing that with my condition, it would be more difficult for me to lose weight…I just gave up. I refused to work out or do anything to lose weight. 

At 21 I reached my heaviest at 235 pounds. 

My boyfriend Pablo, has also suffered with weight problems for a long time, so together we decided to finally make a life change and get healthy. 

(I wrote this a few days ago when I was bored at work, and I just now remembered to post it)

I didn’t used to believe in soul mates. Until I met mine. The second that I realized that I was in love with this man, a jolt of electricity ran through my body and awakened a part of me that even I didn’t know existed. I know, I know, it all sounds so cliche and cheesy. Two years ago I wanted to punch lovey dovey couples in the face. But I suppose everything changes when you meet that special someone. I had only had one “serious” boyfriend before I met Pablo. Sure, I dated here and there but I just never saw myself in anything serious. I always wondered.."how would I even know I was in love?" Definitely not that “love at first sight” bullshit. I don’t believe in that. Pablo and I had a rough start - his first impression of me was a crazy party girl, and he clearly lost interest. Nevertheless, something drove him to give me a second chance and it all went from there. It happened so fast. Within five months of knowing each other he moved in with me. I realize it seems quick, but it was all circumstantial. Now, almost two years later; we seem to be attached at the hip. We work together, have the same days off..and while most women my age would feel suffocated by this, I don’t. I love every single moment. I cannot imagine my life without this wonderful man. He came along with his goofy crazy self and gave my life meaning. He is the only person that I can be myself around. Just looking at him brings a smile to my face and I thank God for putting him in my life. Between all of our fart jokes, wrestling matches, small arguments here and there - I know that this is true love. Because my heart now feels complete with him by my side. 

Nothing is more discouraging than unappreciated sarcasm.